Improve Hair Follicle Growth with Natural Products

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Most people going through hair loss problems or slow hair growth do not realize that hair follicles are of big importance to obtain the desired results. Having beautiful, healthy hair is not something you can achieve just by taking care of your hair; you also have to take care of the skin of your scalp and your hair follicles.

Hair follicle growth is directly associated to the nutrients and vitamins contained in your body.  The fast-paced environment we all live in the present time does not leave too much room to take good care of our health. Lack of vitamin B, magnesium and Zinc can restrict hair follicle growth, because the skin of your scalp will not be receiving an appropriate blood flow. Hair follicles will be reduced in size if they don´t receive enough essential nutrients and if the oxygen levels are reduced. Small follicles will grow thinner and weaker hair. In some cases, when the oxygen levels are too low and there is a lack of vitamins, the hair shaft structure will also be affected. At this point there are two problems, weak follicles growing weak strands.

After some time, weaker hair strands will start to shed more often, and the follicle will stop producing new hair. This is why you need to prevent hair loss problems by sticking to a healthy diet. Increase your vitamin and protein daily intake by including foods, such as salmon, chicken, spinach, and soy in your diet.

Biotin, Magnesium, and Zinc are known for improving blood circulation to your scalp. Another basic but yet effective technique is massaging your skin scalp regularly. This will stimulate the blood flow, which will help hair follicle growth at the same time.

With the blood flow going to your skin scalp, now you just have to make sure that your blood contains the proteins and vitamins needed to grow healthy hair. To get better results, it is recommended to use natural products that work as moisturizers to avoid dryness on the skin scalp.

These products will also provide vitamins and minerals to improve hair growth. But be careful about what products you choose to take care of your hair, some of them claim to be natural but they actually use a small percentage of natural extracts combined with chemicals. Using these products regularly will damage you hair and you’re the skin of your scalp, leading to slow hair growth or hair problems.

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