Juice For Hair Growth

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There are a lot of  methods that one can use for hair growth, pills, powders, surgery, yoga exercises and also natural methods such as eating vegetables and fresh fruits and juice (either to be drink or used to wash your hair with).

In order that your hair stays healthy you have to permanently provide your organism with vitamins; there are a few vitamins that are known to boost hair growth, vitamin E, B, Beta Carotene, Magnesium and vitamin C.

How can you use juice for hair growth? There are different methods by which you can use juice for hair growth; for example the aloe vera juice is a common juice used in the hair growth treatments. You can use a shampoo, a conditioner or a mask that is made of aloe vera. If you want you can buy them from a specialized store, but it will be more efficient if you will extract the juice and gel from the aloe vera plant yourself; it’s very easy, for the juice all you have to do is cut the leaf and squeeze it into a cup or a bowl, and for the gel, you have to cut the leaf, slice it open and then scoop the gel out. Use it to make your own conditioner or hair mask. You can also drink the aloe vera juice if you want, but not the one that you squeeze from the plant, it’s not very tasty and it might have some side effects.

Another thing that you can do for hair growth is to eat fresh vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin E, B, C and Beta Carotene. Vitamin E is very important for the human organism; it protects the skin from cancer and it makes the hair and nails grow faster and stronger.

You can find vitamin E in fruits like papaya, bananas, blackberries and blueberries. You can consume them fresh, make juice of them or you can make a mixture and use it as a mask for your hair. It doesn’t matter how you choose to use them, the results will be the same, you will have a healthy, strong and beautiful hair.

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