Lack Of Hair Growth

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Hair can be very stubborn, and when you want it to grow badly, it can seem that it doesn’t grow at all. Lack of hair growth can be the result of a poor diet in vitamins and proteins that are essential to growing hair. Alcohol is also a very important factor in stopping the hair growth. In order to grow, hair needs to have plenty of water supplies from the body. Alcohol actually diminishes that supply, thus causing hair to grow slower, and if you drink it on daily basis can eventually cause your hair to be very thin.

Another thing that can cause the lack of hair growth is cigarettes. One cigarette alone takes about 10mg of the body’s supply of vitamin C that is very important when it comes to hair growth. Medicamentation can also cause a lack of hair growth for many people, but it depends on the side effects of the medicine. Hair can stop the growing process during the winter but if this does not come back by spring time than it means that the body is in a great lack of nutritional elements. In anorexic people hair falls off because of the body’s inability to sustain it with the few vitamins that it has. If this is not your cases, or none of the above, the cause can be genetic. If you’re whole family has a slower hair growth, than it is very likely for you to have one too.  Age is another important factor that slows down the hair growth process. Young people can have a high rate of hair growth, while older people can barely grow an half an inch a month.

Not only this but, menopause (in women) and andropause (in men) can have a big influence on hair growth. Some women can loose their hair and some men to. Hair that falls this way can not be revived in older people than 60 years. But, there is still an answered. The back of the head grows hair all the time, so a follicles transplant would not be such a bad idea.


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