Laser Hair Re Growth Treatment

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Did you know that laser technology can be used for hair re growth treatments? This may sound considerably peculiar and many people may look at it with a lot of scepticism since the well known purpose of laser application to hair is to prevent its growth. However, it is all certainly true and the use of lasers to re grow hair strands makes a fine addition as one of many hair loss treatment options available today. So how does it actually work and is it reliable as a hair loss treatment solution?

The Science behind this wonderful innovation is the fact that the effects of the laser’s beam are actually underneath the scalp’s surface. It can therefore be used to invigorate the hair follicle underneath the scalp’s skin surface in order to encourage excellent hair growth without harming the surface of the skin in any way. It had been found to be significantly effective for this purpose and is completely safe since the laser being used operates under a low power requirement. The whole process encourages cellular healing and stimulates healthy blood circulation. Unfortunately though, this particular hair loss treatment is known to be completely ineffective for individuals who had already achieved complete baldness.

Laser hair re growth treatments is typically done for a period of at least four months in order to achieve the best possible results. Clinically based professional laser hair loss treatments are typically very expensive though so you might want to think about investing in your very own laser hair loss treatment device at home which can be considered as a far more cost effective option.

One thing that you also would want to consider when getting laser hair re growth treatments is the timeframe in which you can expect to see good results. You have to keep these expectations of yours realistic and don’t get easily discouraged if you don’t see good results after several weeks. Remember that a hair’s growth cycle usually takes around two to three months so you typically won’t be seeing any results until that time.

Overall, laser hair re growth treatment presents a less costly and non-invasive alternative to hair transplants. Going this path would also give you the option of investing in your own laser hair re growth device that would allow you to do follow up treatments if necessary and avoid having to shell out more money for it in the long run.

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