Learn Different Recipe for Hair Growth

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Learn Different Recipe For Hair GrowthAre you tired of looking for ways to make your hair grow? Well, don’t throw your money away on expensive products that don’t ever seem to work. The solution is castor oil. If you used it before and it did not work, than it means that you probably used it the wrong way. Castor oil should only be mixed with one single substance that has protein base, like albumen from eggs.

So, in order to get that perfect hair you wanted here is the mixture: for every table spoon of castor oil place albumen. Make sure to get it proportional with your hair length. If you have leftovers, don’t use these for some other day because the albumen is an organic substance and can create bacteria whit in a day. Place the mixture on your hair for two or three hours and then wash your hair several times.

You should do this every week for about three times. Your hair will grow faster and thicker. Other than this, you can use castor oil alone. This is especially good for much damaged hair. Except from cutting the bad hair off every month, place castor oil on your hair and live it for the night. In the mooring make sure to wash your hair really good. Do not ingest this substance because it’s a very powerful laxative. You have to do these three nights for week, for about one month. Repeat the recipe for hair growth once every tow months for a year. Your hair will be perfect. You will not have to worry about split ends any more or about your hair being too thin.

Another great thing for reviving your hair is fruit masks. These don’t speed up the growth process a lot, but provide the hair with shine and no split ends if used regularly.

The hair also grows faster if it’s washed every day with a mild shampoo, and a conditioner will provide protection for your hair against the split ends.

Cutting your hair by half of an inch every month will also allow it to grow faster and more beautiful because a long hair with split ends is not a beautiful hair.

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