Methods of Slowding Down and Stopping Hair Growth

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Unwanted hair can grow in unexpected places on your face and other parts of the body. You may find a stray hair on your face, neck or chin and extra hairs on your abdomen or arms. It’s a misconception that getting rid of hair is easier than stopping hair growth. There are many different methods of removing unwanted hair that will stop that hair from growing back or make the growing back process slower.  Here are some methods of these methods.


This process involves the ripping off of hair from its root from beneath the hair line with the help of electronic beams. You can ask for electrolysis at your beauty salon or spa. The treatment typically takes several procedures, and it’s often painful.

Laser Hair Removal

With laser hair removal, you can permanently get rid of unwanted hair. Lasers are pointed at the hair to be removed and allowed to pulsate. The hair falls out of the skin and never grows back again. Consult your doctor about laser hair removal.

Epilators or Electronic Tweezers

You can also take care of unwanted hair by using an epilator or a pair of electronic tweezers. The device produces an electronic pulse that’s your hair follicle receives. This method causes the hair to grow back at a slower rate, and, in some cases, stops growth completely.

Hair Waxing

You can wax your hair at home or get it done with the help of a specialist at a salon. Hot wax is applied to the skin with the help of a cloth; once the wax becomes dries, the cloth is pulled off to remove the hair attached to the wax. This method also slows down the growing back of hair, and, in some cases, totally stops hair growth.

Depilatory Cream

Applying a depilatory cream on the skin is another option you have. You can buy the product from a pharmacy or drugstore. The cream will slow down hair growth. Depilatory creams dissolve the hair below the skin line and its affect can last up to six weeks, depending on the cream.

Once the hairs are removed from your body, try not to stimulate the skin too much. Only use a minimal amount of lotion and don’t rub the skin. If you stimulate the hair follicles, the hair will grow back faster.

Avoid using creams and conditioners that are for permanently stopping hair growth cycles. These products can cause irritation, and, in some cases, serious health issues.

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