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This appears to be the new hair growth trend among the ladies. But does it actually work?

The main compound of the Monistat is Miconazole nitrate and daktarin. These are substances that fight with fungus infections and other bacteria.  The infections can be in the genital area or any where else on the body. People actually noticed that in an edema problem that caused rash on the hand for instance, applying this cream has led to a rapid hair growth; this is where the scalp hair growth idea came from.

This can actually work for some people that can use this medicine and are not allergic to any of the substances. On of the reasons that this product works for hair growth is that it has some of the nutritional elements that the skin needs to regenerate. A healthy scalp provides a rapid hair growth. Another reason for which this Mn works is that the nitrate actually has a part in stimulating blood flow for a faster healing process. A rapid blood flow to the scalp is another thing that increases hair growth. So, Mn for hair growth? Well, yes if you have the guts for it. This has to be used alone, not with another mixture as you don’t know how these substances act together and it might produce real results for you. But before applying it to your whole scalp, you should do a month test. Take a shred of hair that it’s not noticeable and only apply it to that scalp region.

If your hair will grow faster in a month than the rest of your hair, this means that it works for you to. You can apply it every two or three days, but if you see any side effect like hair loss or scalp damage you should stop immediately. For the best information ever, you should consult with a doctor that could explain to you exactly how these substances work. If you don’t have allergies to any of these substances, any side effect is very unlikely to happen. Progress can be observed with in a month time.

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