Common Hair Growth Myths

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With many people looking to grow healthy and long hair, many myths are being passed from generation to generation. Some of them talk about improving hair growth, and some other are about slowing it down. Just keep in mind that using natural products to help your hair grow will always be better than using chemicals, synthetic ingredients and some other expensive treatments. Let´s discuss some of the most common hair growth myths in this article, that way you will decide whether you have to worry about them or not.

Straightening Iron Stop Hair Growth

The myth that straightening irons are hair killers is not entirely true. It´s true that hot irons can cause damage to the hair, especially if the heat acts on the hair very often, which is the situation for people working in offices or similar environments, wanting to have perfect hair during the whole week. That causes severe damage to hair; however, it won’t affect hair growth.

As long as the skin on your head is not burnt or damaged, the hair will keep growing, therefore, you don´t have to stop straightening or curling your hair. The same applies for some chemicals used to treat the hair, as long as they don´t damage the follicle the hair will keep growing healthy.

Wearing Hats Will Affect Hair Growth

One of the most common hair growth myths is that wearing hats will affect hair growth or lead to hair loss. The hair follicles and skin on the scalp don´t use the oxygen coming from the environment; instead, the bloodstream is in charge of providing oxygen that allows hair growth. Hats won´t cut off the oxygen flow to your scalp, that´s why they won´t stop or slow down the hair growing on your head. However, wearing tied hats may cause some damage to the hair, since it has to be pulled off when removing the hat from your head.

Clogged Pores Affect Hair Growth

The myth is that clogged pores slow down or stop hair growth. Many companies are using this myth to boost their profits. But the truth is that clogged pores don´t affect hair growth. If that was the case you would just have to wash your hair with a decent shampoo to grow really long hair in no time, and hair loss would not be a problem anymore after unclogging the pores on your scalp by washing your hair every day. This means that you can´t grow longer hair just by unclogging your pores or massaging your scalp.

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