Phases Of Hair Growth

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The Phases of hair growth divide by three growth cycles. The first one, it’s called the Anagen phase.  About 85% of all the hair on one’s body finds themselves in this phase. It is also called the growing and it can last between two years and six years. Every shred of hair grows with a rate of ten to twelve centimeters in one year. If well attended, hair can grow over a meter long in a life time.

When this phase is over, the Catagen phase begins. This lasts for about two weeks. In this cycle the hair follicle is reduced to 1/6 from his length. The inferior part of the follicle’s body is destroyed and the dermal papilla is broken. After this cycles the hair goes into a lower rate of growth that is called the Telogen phase.

In this phase the hair is in a latent stage, and it lasts about six weeks. In this growth stage are approximately 15% of all the hairs on one’s body. At the end of this phase, the hair reenters the Anagen phase. If the old hair did not fall off yet, the new hair pushes the old one out and makes room for the new hair.

These are all the phase of the hair growth. This is a repetitive cycle. While other hair is being replaced, new hair is already grown, and by the time that that hair grows the new one is replaced by another hair and so on. Speeding up the process is not a good idea, especially made with medicine. However, natural ways of making hair grow faster can be used to speed up the proceeds, thus resulting in a good hair growth. Medicine makes a thin and damaged hair to grow that will fall off, so to achieve better results turn to a natural way of speeding up these phases.

Every time you loose a hair, the same follicle is getting to work creating a new one. An average person can loose up to 100 hairs a day, and replace 100 hairs the same day due to the fact that all hair is in a constant renewal.


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