Prenatal Vitamins for Speedy Hair Growth

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Clinical research on the structure and chemistry of hair and its growth has yet to prove that multivitamins or prenatal vitamins can increase hair growth. The role of nutrition in hair growth is that good nutrition can ensure maximum hair growth, and poor nutrition can slow down the hair growth process—there is no gain beyond the maximum.  So, prenatal vitamins can help in speedy hair growth but not beyond the natural limits.

Use of Prenatal Vitamins

For optimal fetal health, you will need extra iron and zinc during pregnancy and nursing.

According to Care Fair experts, it’s probably safe to take prenatal vitamins for a limited amount of time when you’re not pregnant. However, due to the high levels of iron and zinc present in these vitamins, prolonged use of them by someone who isn’t pregnant could be unhealthy for vital organs: Excess quantities of iron can damage your heart and liver or contribute to joint arthritis problems.


The hormone surge during pregnancy and nursing is usually responsible for increased hair growth all over your body.

That the hair of pregnant women is thicker, shinier, and grows faster compared to non-pregnant women and men is not necessarily a false statement. However, the hair benefits during pregnancy are due to side effect of the hormone surge that you experience during pregnancy and not due to additional vitamins of the prenatal vitamins, say experts at eMedTV. If your nutrition is poor in general, any multivitamin may be helpful in improving slow hair growth or poor hair quality.


Prenatal vitamins’ additional nutrients can also make your nails stronger and encourage maximum growth.

According to Care Fair experts, since doctors encourage the use of prenatal vitamins in women who are trying to get pregnant, short-term use of these vitamins for women who aren’t pregnant and even men is considered safe.

So for short-term high-stress periods, low nutrition or a special occasion for which you’re looking to maximize hair and nail growth and health, you may get a healthy boost from prenatal vitamins.


FDA does not regulate dietary supplements with the same strictness as it does drugs and food products; therefore, the burden of safety, purity and efficacy of the supplement is mainly on the shoulders of the manufacturer. This is true for prenatal vitamins as well. FDA does not mandate rigorous product testing before a supplement is made available to the consumer. Consult your physician for choosing a reliable, reputable product to take for speedy hair growth.

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