Quick Hair Growth Methods

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Understanding hair growth and what can accelerate it will help you grow your hair faster than normal. Hair length generally increases by quarter of an inch per month. This rate of increase is not sufficient for people who want long tresses of hair or have hair loss. Here are three methods of quick hair growth that may help you get the desired results.


Prescription and over-the-counter medications for increasing hair growth is one option. Of course, prescription strength medications are stronger compared to over-the-counter and are designed for specific types of hair loss. Over-the-counter medications such as Minoxodil or Rogaine are more generic but work in stimulating hair growth. You can apply the medication by massaging it into your scalp, so that it can penetrate your hair follicles. The formula contained in the product stimulates hair follicles, resulting in growth. According to the Mayo Clinic, once you discontinue the treatments, the hair will stop growing,


Biotin is an effective remedy for accelerating hair growth. Biotin, member of the vitamin B group, helps with normal function of the cells as well a hair, nails and skin. Biotin is essential for our hair because it has amino acids which are the building blocks of protein. Since hair is composed of protein, amino acids are very important for its growth.

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, an adult should take 30 mcg of biotin every day. A shampoo that contains biotin can also be beneficial for our scalp. It helps ease dry, flaky skin, according to the UMMC. You can use a shampoo with biotin to ensure that your scalp is flake-free and not dry. Flaky skin can be the cause of clogged pores, which impedes hair growth.

Plant Extracts

According to the Northwestern Health Sciences University, plant extracts stimulate hair growth and can be used for treating dandruff or as a hair dye. For optimizing hair growth, the university recommends using Gingko, grape seed, henna, rosemary, sage, and aloe vera extracts. You can massage the plant extracts into your scalp prior to rinsing hair or you can add two or three drops of the extracts to a shampoo that you use. Be careful when buying extracts because some companies may use synthetic or cheap extracts to increase their profits. According to the Northwestern Health Sciences University, these extracts can be harmful to your health as they may be the cause of an allergy, contain harmful vapors or be carcinogenic.

Medications, biotin and plant extracts are three remedies for quick hair growth.

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