Recipes for Hair Growth

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Recipes For Hair GrowthHair is a very important part of the body. Apart from providing protection, it also provides a great styling factor for girls and boys. But styling your hair too much can have a bad result, from damaged hair to hair loss if you don’t use the right products.

You can help repair your hair, not only by using specific products, but also by using natural ways of helping it grow healthy again.  Recipes for hair growth are usually based on oils, fruits but also yogurt and other mixtures that can be found on pharmacies.

A great thing for a much damaged hair to help it grow is a hair cut. When you got rid of most of the damaged hair, you can start applying some masks on it. These can b fruit masks and oils or can be yogurt and fruits.

A great mask for hair growth is made out of chamomile tea, grape juice and yogurt. This is supposed to be a mixture in which the yogurt has to play the main role. The juice has to be naturally made and not bought from a store. After you place this mask on your head you should wrap it with some plastic cover and leave it for tow hours. After this wash your hair until the composition is gone. You can also use chamomile tea to wash your hear frequently especially if you have a dry scalp.

Another great recipe for hair growth is a protein mask. This has to have mustard oil and albumen. It sounds like a mayonnaise, but it actually helps damaged hair to recover until it’s too late for it and has to be cut down. The ingredients also have to be natural and you can make mustard oil at your home from mustard seeds bought at the store, just make sure that these are natural. Castor oil is another great way to grow hair and for growth can be applied just as it is on the hair and left over night. This will make hair thicker and stronger but it will also help it to grow faster.

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