Scalp Stimulation for Hair Growth

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Scalp Stimulation For Hair GrowthMany people claim that by stimulating your scalp you can cause your hair to grow a lot faster. But is this true? A huge number of scalp stimulation hair growth products are available on the hair care market. But do they promise the impossible? These include special hair growth brushes, combs and massaging devices. They all make the same claims that by using their products you can experience rapid hair growth. Well, for the most part this is true, although you don’t actually have to buy any hair growth product to stimulate your scalp. In fact, stimulating your scalp is one natural remedy that doesn’t require you to spend any money. And this natural solution can easily be accomplished by giving up a few minutes each day to give it a shot.

What happens when we stimulate the scalp is that we stimulate our blood flow. Proper blood flow to the scalp keeps our hair follicles active and can lead to faster growing hair. But the noticeable difference is usually only around half a centimeter of growth each month. And while scalp stimulation can help, it is best to include this in a more inclusive hair growth regimen. So it is normally recommended to include scalp stimulation with other hair growth solutions.

There are plenty of scalp stimulation products that can be purchased. But for the most part, you can do it yourself without buying any of them. Simply massaging your scalp with your fingers several times a day can foster new growth. But this can be done with oils, as well. For instance, castor oil is a very good product capable of boosting your rate of hair growth when used to massage your scalp on a daily basis. By pairing the use of an oil with scalp stimulation, you can increase your rate of hair growth rather quickly.

When we stimulate the ability of our blood to flow properly into our scalp, this causes our hair follicles to receive more vitamins and proteins than they normally do. This can cause the hair that is in a latent state to grow faster and the hair follicles that have not grown hair yet to start growing. This can lead to a thicker head of hair which is much more resistant to damage since it is being given a heightened supply of vitamins and proteins from the blood.

There is no reason why you should not use a special device for scalp stimulation if you choose to do so. Often these devices can do a better job than you can accomplish with your fingers alone. And they can improve your rate of hair growth considerably. When starting any routine of scalp stimulation, it is advised that you try this for at least a month or two to see if it shows positive results. Since this method helps to fix problems with blood flow and nutrient distribution that are not caused by hormonal issues, this usually works for everyone due to its ability to better supply our scalp with what it needs to grow healthy hair. If your hair growth condition is caused by your body’s level of hormones, however, scalp stimulation usually doesn’t show the same results. If you feel you may have a medical condition that is causing you to be unable to grow hair normally, you should consult a doctor or a nutritionist.

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