Shampoo and Hair Oil for Hair Growth

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Hair loss and slow hair growth are two important phenomena related to hair, as thousands of people suffer one of these two conditions, or both in some cases. Often, people look for fancy, complicated ways of solving these problems, but most of the times they tend to overlook simple but effective solutions.

A simple way of preventing hair loss and slowing down hair growth is choosing the correct shampoo for yourself. This means that you have to select a shampoo that prevents hair loss with natural ingredients.

An organic shampoo is usually the best option, but don´t just trust what you read on the front label or what you see in the commercial, take the time to read what actually is present in that shampoo, read all the ingredients and any warnings that may be disclosed there related to use of the product.

Natural products are, by far, the best you can use on your hair. Synthetic products or chemicals contained in some products will harm your hair instead of providing a solution. This is why more and more people are using natural oils for hair growth. This way, they are doing two important things at the same time: they are making sure that the hair strands get stronger, since the oil is a natural moisturizer that prevents breakage. (Hair strands will break more often if they are exposed to styling methods using heat, or if they are too dry.) And, they are helping their scalp stay cleaner. Using some styling products containing harmful chemicals will lead to slow hair growth since hair follicles get clogged, making it more difficult for them to grow new hair at a normal rate. The hair oil will clean your scalp, thus improving hair growth.

A natural hair oil for hair growth is easily available and its application doesn’t require any special skills at all. You don´t have to pay a professional to apply the oil to your skin scalp in a certain way. Simply using your finger tips to apply the oil to your scalp should be enough. To promote better blood circulation, massage your scalp skin while applying the oil.  Some people find olive oil very effective for cleaning their skin of chemicals. Some others prefer jojoba oil to treat hair loss. Another hair oil for hair growth is Tea tree oil. It unclogs hair follicles, thus stimulating hair growth.

Using essential oils directly on your scalp regularly will provide you the benefit of hair growth.

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