Signs Of Hair Growth

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If you had a really bad hair cut and you are anxious waiting for your hair to grow, this might feel a bit disappointing to you. Hair grows slow, and you can not measure it every time. But if you desperately want to see how it grows, you can try some color shampoo. Just get it a bit darker or lighter than your natural color. This has not the same effect that hair paints have and it’s less harmful. One you used it don’t use it again. If it is a good shampoo it will last about a month, long enough for you to see progress. So, this way, when you look in the mirror you can se your natural hair growing.

If this is not your case, and you lost hair and you can wait for it to grow, than the first sign of hair growth would be a thin hair covering the region. After a month or tow you will see some real progress in a thicker and darker hair. This is particularly the case of hair transplant. If the hair is growing, but at a smaller rate than your doctor told you, you should consider having a more healthy diet, with lots of proteins and vitamins.

You can also go for a scalp cream that your doctor recommended, but in the first days you are not allow to disturb the hair follicles.

Hair can grow very slow if you are under a lot of steers, it can actually fall rather than grow.

Night’s rest are the most important when you are stuck on the mirror awaiting your hair to grow.  Washing your hair very frequently can also help it to grow faster and those small and thin hairs that you see under your regular hair are another sign that your hair is growing at a regular rate. Not washing your hair every week for about five times can cause it to fall off because dust accumulates on the scalp every day and it makes it impossible for the skin to breathe thus preventing the hair from growing properly.

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