Slow Hair Growth In Children

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Children can experience a slow hair growth especially when they are just a few months old. The main reason for slow hair growth in children is that the hair is being constantly replaced. The first hair that a child has is very thin. Once he get’s older the hair is replaced by a thicker hair that grows with the thin hair until it replaces it completely. Slow hair growth in children can be related to their diet in some cases in which the child does not receive the amount of proteins and minerals that his body needs. If this is the case, a new baby formula should be attempted and if the child can eat, more fruits and vegetables placed into the child’s diet.

Another reason for a slow hair growth can be related to genetic factor. If your hair grows slow, your baby’s hair will probably grow slow to. But your hair growth is also related to the diet. If a child does not grow hair at least ten centimeters long by the age of two and a half years old, there is need for a proper medical attention. The child can be suffering from a major vitamin loss, due to a condition that is called ADHD syndrome. This is present in very agitated children that can’t stay still for even one second. Due to the massive need of the body for vitamins, the hair receives none, and this can be a cause for slow hair growth in children.

The correct died is required for a good hair growth, and it is not recommended for your child to take pills for hair growth. The child can even be bold at his first anniversary. The real hair can grow at two years, and this can b thin or thick, but these are special shampoos to deal with a thin hair. These are specially designed for children and thicken the hair but also make it grows faster.

Another reason for slow hair growth is the lack of calcium. Calcium is essential for keratin production that the hair needs. So calcium also has to be an important part of a child’s diet.


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