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The best hair growing seasons are spring and summer. So let’s talk about the things that help in super fast hair growth.

First and primary Chinese Medicine contemplates hair the “magnificence of the kidneys,” and what that crazy talk means is that your hair is an excess of your total well-being.

In Chinese medicine “Kidney chi” is our “energetic bank” and if our energetic bank is all dried up, then there is not much left over for such frivolities as hair! The fittest people certainly look attractive.

Second and most importantly, adding 1-3 tablespoons of afreshcrushed flaxseeds to your daily practice.

Thirdly we want to have protein. Flaxseeds are a great source of omega 3 oils and protein.

If you’re using too many flaxseeds then you would be getting sufficient omega 3’s to guaranteesparkly strong hair, if not, then try a tablespoon of fish or flax oil daily.

Multivitamin: B-vitamins are crucial to hair growth as nearly the whole B family plays a role in hair growth.

Multimineral: For healthy hair growth a mineral rich diet is important.

Biotin: Your multivitamin may not contain that much biotin so check the label and see if you are getting the RDA.

Avoid the regular shampooing! Your hair can be washed and conditioned every day, but regular shampooing is shedding your scalp of vital oils.This saves not just your hair, but your water and shampoo bill.

Don’t forget to get a trim off your hair every couple of months.

Try some handstands! Even if you aren’t a gymnast, to maximize blood flow to the scalp occasionallyduring the dayyou can still hang your head off the border of the bed.

Mint and Rosemary! The stimulating herbs of the Laminacea family bring more flow to your scalp. Rosemary has been associated with improving hair growth for quite some time.A rosemary essential oil can be bought and a few drops can be added to a shampoo. Start with 1-2 drops and then work up to about 5-10 drops of the pure essential oil.

Silica! Because of their high silica content horsetails have long been hyped as hair growing basils.

Don’t overdo on vitamins and minerals! Remember, we can only consume so much.

These are all the tips I could give you for having a super fast hair growth.


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