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The best way to see if your hair really grows, and also to see the progress made is by taking pictures of hair growth. A bad hair cut can be very depressing and it can seem like forever until you really notice some difference. This is why, by having a picture of your hair can allow you to se progress faster than by measuring your hair. By brushing your hair equally and making sure that this stays right on your shoulders or face, take a snap shot. After this, wait for about a month, than take another. Basically you should take a picture every month for six months, and you will notice a real progress. Make sure to begging at the end of every month though or on a counted 30 days.

Men can also monitor their hair growth this way especially after a hair transplant. It would be more reconfirming to see progress by pictures, because you get to see your face very mooring and you might not notice the progress made by your hair.

A doctor can also take pictures of your hair growth if you are under his supervision to notice the way that your hair grows after a hair treatment.

Usually, you can find pictures of hair growth in commercials for hair growing products, but these can not always be true and the progress is much slower than a picture away. This is why you have to be very careful in guiding yourself after such presentations so you won’t get a disappointment.

Keep in mind that regular hair grows slow, but damaged hair can grow even slower this is why patience is the key. Also, these are some other ways of improving your hair growth products. You can have a healthy diet and you can massage your scalp every night to increase blood flow in it.

Basically, these are things that can help grow your hair even without any product at all. Just take pictures and see if these are any progress made. As so you will be able to really see that this is working for you.


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