Terminal Hair Growth Process

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Terminal Hair Growth ProcessIn order to understand how terminal hair growth process works first we have to define what´s terminal hair is. Here are descriptions of three different types of hair that grow on our body.


This is the type of hair that grows in unborn children. Around three months after the conception, the child will start growing hair. The child´s entire body will be covered by this soft and fine hair, and it will grow as the child grows. Lanugo hair grows at the same time; different parts of the body have the same hair length since it grows at the same rate also. Around a month before birth, all this hair will start shedding. However,  if you ever suffer from  malnutrition for an extended period of time, your body will instinctively start growing lanugo.

Vellus Hair

This type of hair doesn’t grow very long. It usually measures around one or two centimeters long. Something that´s different about vellus hair is that the hair follicles don´t posses oil glands. This type of follicles will never grow other type of hair. Some follicles are designed to replace vellus for a different type of hair, that´s what happens when you reach the phase in your life known as puberty. In puberty, androgenic hormones come into play, and this causes the follicles to start replacing vellus hair. This is when terminal hair appears for the first time.

Terminal Hair

This is the third type of hair. For both, men and women, terminal hair will usually grow on their arms, legs, face and head. Different parts of the body will grow different types of terminal hair. Follicles in charge of growing terminal hair have sebaceous glands. The glands are responsible for lubricating the hair and skin. It does so by secreting an oily/wax matter known as sebum. Sebum is what causes oily hair in some people.

Terminal hair may cause some inconveniences, especially to women who have to deal with terminal hair in the facial area. In order to prevent terminal hair growth in uncomfortable areas, it´s important to know that hormones are involved in the growing process. You can consult a doctor to know if you´re having issues with your hormonal balance. In this situation, the doctor can recommend you some pills to correct the problem. More and more people find a long-term solution in laser hair removal. This is a good option if you have tried some other methods without any success.

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