Three Phases of Hair Growth

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Humans have hair growth cycles that can be divided in three phases: Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. The time these phases will take to complete the hair growth process varies depending on what part of the body the hair is growing on.

In fact, there can be dramatic differences between hair growing in different parts of the body. For instance, hair located on the scalp usually has an Anagen phase that lasts for two of six years on average, but this phase can last nine years in some cases. The Catagen phase takes around two to three weeks to complete. The third phase known as Telogen lasts for about 100 days.

The phases of hair growth are not synchronized in humans, which is different in animals that shed their winter coat, and the phases mentioned above can be present at any particular part of the body. In the case of facial hair, it is important to consider the phases of hair growth since they play a key role. Timing is crucial when considering hair removal procedures to treat body or facial hair. Hair bulbs are found in different positions, based on what phase of the cycle they are in. Bulbs being that are in the Anagen phase are found in the subcutaneous fat. Hair bulbs in the Catagen phase are located in the dermis, and bulbs in the Telogen phase are found in the middle to upper dermis.


The part of the hair growth cycle known as Anagen is also referred as the growing phase. This phase is divided into three sub cycles: Proanagen, Mesaganen and Metanagen.

Hair starts growing at proanagen stage, which quickly moves to the mesanagen phase, and then to the metanagen phase.


During this phase, your hair stays in transition, which means that it is getting ready to shed. This phase will lead dermal papilla to condense and cells to become inactive. In the presence of inactive cells, the strands have no stimulation and the roots are likely to stop growing.


The main characteristic of the Telogen phase is that hair donĀ“t grow while in this period. Hair strands that fall easily from the skin of the scalp when washing or combing are most likely going through this phase. If the hair strand remains in its place while going from Telogen to Anagen phase, it will be removed for the new hair growing in the same follicle.

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