Tips for Better Hair Growth

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At some point in life hair may get thinner and take longer to grow. There are several factors that could cause this behavior, and of course this is something nobody likes going through. You will find some powerful yet easy to follow tips to get a better hair growth here, they´re so simple that anyone can benefit from them.

Having hair that´s getting thinner over time usually leads to low self-esteem, great frustration and, in most cases, depression. Knowing how to achieve better hair growth will provide positive results in your life in general.

Let me tell you that your hair takes the oxygen and nutrients needed to grow healthy from the blood in your scalp skin. Massaging the skin on your scalp is a good technique to improve blood circulation, in this way you will be making sure that the nutrients are getting to the follicles, resulting in stronger and healthier hair in the long run. Be careful about the products you use in your hair. Heat and chemicals applied directly to the hair may cause some damage. The hair can grow back if this situation. But make sure that you protect your hair follicles from damage.

The second recommendation is very important, not only to get better hair growth, but also to maintain a healthy body and a healthier life: a good diet. People tend to overlook this important aspect and focus directly on the external factors affecting their hair growth. Your diet is crucial to growing strong, thick and long hair. As mentioned in the paragraph above, the nutrients needed to grow hair is in your blood. Include more vegetables and fruits in your diet; they contain vital vitamins and nutrients required for a healthy hair and body. Use dark green vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli.  Salmon is a great food for beauty enhancement, filled with omega-3 fatty acids. Brazil nuts are another food item you can include in your diet. They are rich in selenium, which is important for the health of your scalp.

Your lifestyle, just like your diet, will affect your general health including your hair growth. You just have to choose if it will affect it positively or negatively. A poor lifestyle will harm many aspects of your life, in this specific case, it may cause slow hair growth and, in the worst cases, could lead to hair loss. To have healthy hair again, make sure you treat any type of stress issues.

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