Tips for Home Hair Growth

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The quality and rate of the growth of your hair is due to a number of factors. It may be a result of the food you eat, your lifestyle, and/or your heredity.

While you certainly cannot change your genetic makeup, you can at least take note of these simple tips for home hair growth. These will not only prove that owning a long and healthy hair takes time—but more so, it will take your conscious effort.

Watch what you eat.

Your hair reflects what you eat. Nourish yourself with healthy doses of fruits and vegetables and as much as possible, eat a balanced diet every day.

Foods that are rich in iron and B vitamins (like whole grains and green leafy vegetables) are highly recommended for boosting your hair’s health.

Ditch the usual food products that are high with trans fatty-acids (such as french fries, onion rings and crackers). They are not good for your health or for your hair.

Take those supplements.

Complement those healthy, balanced meals with dietary supplements. (Multivitamins may even double as nutrition fillers if your busy lifestyle does not allow you to achieve your healthy eating goals.) Take vitamin supplements that are rich in vitamin A, C and/or E in your diet. B-complex vitamins are also highly recommended.

You may also try taking supplements that have magnesium, selenium, calcium and zinc. (Consult your doctor before taking any type of supplements.)

Update your hairstyle.

Occasional haircuts will go a long way. Constant updating of your ‘do will improve your hair’s strength as it will decrease the chances of hair breakage.
Remember  Seven Hair Basics.

These home hair growth tips never get old:

1. Nourish your hair with a gentle shampoo at least four times each week.

2. Mild hair conditioners can be used daily, as long as you make sure that the product is thoroughly rinsed from your hair. You may opt to apply a stronger conditioner once a week to nurture dry, damaged hair.

3. Minimize your use of blow-dryers.

4. Don’t brush your hair when it is wet or damp.

5. A wide-toothed comb is the best tool for detangling your hair.

6. Have a handy leave-on conditioner and apply it to your hair if you tend to spend long hours outdoors. (The product will serve as sunscreen, protecting your hair from too much heat from the sun.)

7. Take it easy on the ponytail. Too much stretching or hair styling may do more harm than good to your mane.

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