Tips for Speeding up Hair Growth

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Speeding up hair growth could be something very tricky. On average, our hair grows approximately half an inch per month, which is not even close to what some people desire.

With the help of some tips you can make your hair grow quickly. The real trick is not the speed of the growing process, but how healthy you can keep your hair so you don´t have to cut it very often.

Hair growth is closely related to the genes you got from your parents and your age, but there are some tips available to everyone looking to maintain a healthier, longer hair.

Before thinking about some complicated processes to help your hair grow, take a look at your basic habits. For instance, what type of shampoo are you using? This is an important question you have to ask yourself, the shampoo you use to wash your hair may contain chemicals or undesired synthetic ingredients damaging it.

This is why you should check on what you use on your hair to clean it, and, whenever possible, use products made of a combination of natural ingredients. Some people recommend a shampoo that is able to make your hair grow stronger and thicker: hair horse shampoo. You should also be careful when choosing your hair conditioner, paying attention to the ingredients. Also try to condition your hair approximately two times a week.

The best tip you can possibly find related to hair growth is: protect your hair from any type of damage. Some habits like pulling your hair too much or wearing tight rubber bands can damage it severely. This could be seen as something very common, but what you will get from it is just hair breakage.

Also take care of your hair from the inside. How can you do that? People recommend prenatal vitamin and multivitamin pills to improve hair growth. Not only will they help your hair, but the entire body gets some benefits from them. However, don’t use any supplements without consulting your doctor first.

Using Biotin is an effective method of speeding up hair growth. Biotin belongs to the B vitamin group and helps body cells and also hair, nails, and skin to function normally. Biotin conatins amino acids, and since your hair is protein, amino acids are vital for its growth.

An adult should take 30 mcg of biotin every day. A shampoo that contains biotin helps ease dry, flaky skin.

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