Uneven Hair Growth

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Aside from hair loss, uneven hair growth is one of the most common hair problems and hair growth abnormalities one may encounter. There are many factors that could cause uneven hair growth. Proper diet and hair care are usually responsible for this hair growth issue. Although this condition is quite common, it still needs medical attention if one wants a sure way to ascertain the problem.

Balding and different hair lengths in different areas of the head are the most noticeable signs of uneven hair growth. Also, damage in hair may extend to breakage and frizz. Uneven hair growth is also more common on men’s facial hair growth.

As said earlier, proper diet has a big effect on a person’s hair growth. Relatively, uneven hair growth may be due to an improper diet. Just like the rest of our entire body, our hair needs enough nutrients in order to sustain its growth. Protein, very particularly, could promote a normal hair growth since our hair is naturally composed of protein itself. B vitamins, iron, vitamins A and D, and calcium sustain a healthy hair growth. It is advisable to eat dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, yogurt, cottage cheese, beans, liver, carrots, and dried fruits in order to provide for these nutrients. On the other hand, if uneven hair growth cannot be associated with a person’s diet, it is most likely caused by hereditary factors. Uneven hair growth due to genetic factors is more resolved easily as compared to such growth due to improper care.

So how do we care for our hair to avoid such condition? Simple practices such as regular washing and conditioning of the hair could mean a lot, aside of course from taking in nutritious foods. We must also not forget to find the hair products that will be most compatible for our hair. Remember, every person has different hair type and structure. Therefore, it is important to find the product that suits for your hair.

If everything else fails, consult a hair specialist to help you with your condition. You might need hair growth solutions to ease your situation.


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