Vitamin A Hair Growth

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Vitamin A is an essential vitamin required for healthy hair growth. Also called Retinol, Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin. This means that the supply of this vitamin is stored for later use by our body in the liver and fat cells. Fat soluble vitamins are also less likely to be lost in the cooking process. Due to our body’s ability to store Vitamin A, deficiencies of this vitamin are very rare and most people do not need to take a vitamin supplement to ensure a proper supply of it in their diet.

The role that Vitamin A plays in hair growth is found in its ability to regulate Retinoic Acid levels in our hair follicles. It also provides a similar benefit for our skin. Getting a proper supply of this vitamin is necessary for healthy hair growth and there are three ways to get it. You can choose to take a Vitamin A supplement, apply it to your scalp in a liquid or oil or just simply adjust your diet. You could decide to use a product like these Fish Oil Softgels if your diet does not regularly contain foods rich in Vitamin A. But by far, the easiest and most simple way to ensure a good supply of Vitamin A is by making a dietary change. And this is easy to do as many foods contain high levels of this essential vitamin.

Liver is probably the best food available that contains a good supply of Vitamin A. And while turkey liver has the highest level of the vitamin per serving, consuming any animal liver will do the trick. Fish oils also have a high Vitamin A concentration. But if you don’t eat meat, don’t worry. For vegetarians, there are many fruits and vegetables that are good for Vitamin A as well. Dried herbs, dark leafy greens and lettuce are all great sources for a supply of this vitamin. Sweet potatoes, carrots, butternut squash and dried apricots work as well. Fruit eaters can turn to a diet that includes cantaloupe or mango. And believe it or not, you may be able to get a proper supply of this vitamin simply by adopting certain spices in preparing your meals. Cayenne, chili powder, paprika and red pepper are all great sources for Vitamin A.

If you think you might have a Vitamin A deficiency, you should consult a nutritionist. These deficiencies are very uncommon and are mostly found in developing nations. But a Vitamin A deficiency can be very serious. It can not only affect your ability to grow healthy hair but can also lead to blindness. But be very careful not to consume too much of this vitamin as well. Too much of a good thing in this case can also cause some serious health issues. These include jaundice, nausea, irritability, vomiting and yes, even hair loss. The daily recommended intake of Vitamin A according to the National Institutes of Health is a mere 1,000 to 3,000 international units. This can be a bit higher for pregnant or lactating women and your recommended dietary allowance can vary depending on your age or sex. Make sure when adding more Vitamin A to your body’s system that you do not overdo it. And again, if you experience problems with your Vitamin A intake, you should consult your doctor or a nutritionist if you encounter symptoms caused by either a deficiency or an over consumption.

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