Vitamin B for Hair Growth

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One of the most important vitamins for hair growth is vitamin B. And while once considered to be only one vitamin, there are actually eight different compounds that make up the B vitamin group. B vitamins are water-soluble meaning that they are not stored in the body. This solubility also causes these valuable nutrients to be lost in the cooking process. These vitamins are essential for proper hair growth as they play a major role in the metabolism of our cells. And the benefits of vitamin B go far beyond what it does for our hair. There are many other reasons to ensure you get a good daily dose of this vitamin.

B vitamins have shown an ability to reduce stress and have proven helpful in the treatment of anxiety and depression. They also reduce your risk for heart disease. And believe it or not, they can improve your memory and curb symptoms of PMS. Because they have so many benefits and are hard to keep supplied to the body, many choose to take a multivitamin known as a vitamin B complex like this supplement offered by the Vitamin Shoppe online. All the word complex means when it comes to these supplements is that they contain all eight of the B vitamin group. If adopting the use of a supplement for your hair, make sure it contains all eight B vitamins, especially B5, B7, B9 and B12. All B vitamins can promote healthy hair growth but these four are the most beneficial. Be advised that some supplements labeled as B complex do not contain all eight vitamins.

Hair growth issues and many other problems can occur due to a vitamin B deficiency. And according to WebMD, this deficiency is pretty common. Heavy drinking can cause this deficiency. And it is also quite common with vegans and vegetarians since most of the best sources of B vitamins are meat products. A vitamin B deficiency can be very serious. If you are experiencing hair loss and think this may be your problem, you should consult a nutritionist. Serious B vitamin deficiencies can have long-term effects on your health including memory loss, depression and dementia.

But you can boost your level of B vitamins by simply changing your diet. Meats are the best source for this. Liver and red meat are both very good. But you can also eat seafood like fish, crustaceans and shellfish. Low fat milk, cheese and eggs are also all great sources of B vitamins. It isn’t impossible to get vitamin B through a vegetarian diet, either. But because these are not found in most vegetables and due to the fact that food processing often removes these nutrients from our food, you’ll need to eat unprocessed products such as fortified cereals or soy to do so.

Ensuring you have enough B vitamins in your system can produce a number of positive results with your hair. B vitamins will reduce your hair loss and cause your hair to grow faster as well. They help to produce shinier hair and they can even help keep the gray away. Having a proper supply of vitamin B can help slow your hair’s natural graying process. So if you’re experiencing any of these common symptoms with your hair, consider taking a serious look at your diet or add a B complex vitamin supplement to your daily regimen.

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