White hair growth

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Once we get older, our hair changes. It grows slowly and sometimes falls of. But most of the time, it goes from the natural color to white. White hair growth is conditioned by the stress level in a daily life, but also by age. A young person (under 30) can have white hair due to high levels of stress that he faced. The white hair grows slowly than the regular hair and also brakes of more easy. Split ends appear faster and this is not a pleasant sight. In order to make with hair grow at its former glory, contrary to all opinions, it should be colored as little as possible. Like once every two months. Even if it looks ugly when white roots grow, the hair needs to rest and not be aggressed by ammoniac.

Also, the usage of a color fix shampoo is indicated as well as daily conditioner and not using devices to instant dry hair.

The white in the hair is actually due to a dropped level of melamine. This is the substance that determines the color of our eyes, of our skin but also of the hair. In time, melamine dies and oxygen takes its place in our hair’s cells. This gives that translucid color of white. This can also occur in trauma. Lucky people can get out of a trauma with just white hair. For others, skin decollations can lead to a condition called vitiligo that is untreatable most of the times.

White hair grows white. This is a fact. Don’t expect that if you have a shred of white hair, pulling it out will cause a black hair to appear. The only way to make this hair grow faster is by giving it the thing that it needs, like vitamin and keratin. Once you grow older, the body has other parts to worry about and send them vitamins, so your hair is left behind. This is why a healthy diet and supply vitamins can help white hair growth.

Fruit masks can also be used, so if you get the chance of a hair treatment, don’t miss it. Basically the essential vegetal oils from the fruit will make hair stronger and allow it to grow faster.


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